Group scheduling with AgendaX - Outlook team calendar

AgendaX is a group scheduling tool that makes it easy for Outlook users who are organizing employees, to see where people are, and when they are next available. At the same time it serves as a team calendar that shows when team members can be booked for a meeting or activitiy.

Features include team oriented views providing the user with an overview of many calendars, managing multiple calendars in one view, book employees, meeting rooms, company vehicles, or other resources and modify appointments.

AgendaX - the team calendar that Outlook never was

Group overviews include daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly views that show availability of team members. Categorized meetings can be filtered, to only show appointments that correspond to specific categories.

AgendaX is a group calendar that seamlessly manages multiple time zones and allows global views of staff availability and resource allocation. AgendaX incorporates many features that allow you to take advantage of Outlook calendaring, Active Directory attributes, and web views to give you the ultimate corporate resource portal.

Best of all, no client installation is necessary and nothing gets installed on Exchange Server.

AgendaX supports all Exchange server versions, as well as Exchange Online / Office 365.

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