AgendaX Service and Website on different servers

I would like to install the AgendaX Update Service (that reads calendars from Exchange) and the AgendaX web application on 2 different servers. Is this possible?
Yes, perform a full Setup on the server that will host the AgendaX Update Service, Then, copy the Inetpub/AgendaX folder to the server that will host the AgendaX web application, set up the virtual directory, and register AEPwDC.DLL with regsvr32. This DLL is required to decrypt the SQL password.
Also, you have to create a datasource (preferably with the same name) on the web server, pointing to the SQL server database. If you name it differently, you will have to also change it in AgendaXCfg.exe under ‘Config’ and ‘Servers’. Please note that you have to create a system datasource (not user datasource), to be accessible by all users.
Please note that when you make changes to the AgendaX Configuration using AgendaXCfg.exe, you have to copy the file to the AgendaX installation directory on the web server to reflect those changes to the web application.

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