Installing a 2nd copy of AgendaX on same server

How do I setup a second copy (installation) of AgendaX on the same server?
If you want to setup a new copy (installation) of AgendaX on the same server, you have to do this with the AgendaX Multiple Services Configuration Utility provided on our homepage in the Downloads section.

First copy your current setup to another location on the hard disk, and then register the new service with the utility provided.
Then, make the configuration changes on the new installation (delete / add groups, users), etc., and setup a second virtual directory on IIS (if needed).

exe path_to_AgendaX_setup virtual_directory_name

e.g. AECrVDir c:\inetpub\agendax2ndgroup agendax2

More information on how to setup a virtual directory can be found in the Administrator Guide.