Error creating profile in Application Eventlog

Reported Errors in Application Event log of AgendaX Update Service:
Event ID 139: Error creating profile. MAPIAdminProfiles returned 80040605
Event ID 137: AgendaX Debug Log. \ Location: Create TempProfile failed. \ Data 1: %3\ Data 2: %4
Event ID 123: Mailboxes Scanned 0. Mailboxes on other sites (not scanned locally): 0.

Check that the AgendaX user has sufficient rights on the AgendaX server. In case you are using Exchange Server MAPI (not Outlook MAPI), the AgendaX Update Service dynamically creates MAPI profiles to access mailboxes on Exchange Server. These profiles are stored in the registry. Please make sure that this account has administrative privileges on the AgendaX server.
Also check that you have the latest MAPI version installed. MAPI can be downloaded from:

Check the LogonServer and LogonMailbox parameters in the AgentX.ini file in your AgendaX installation directory. They should point to a valid mailbox (the mailbox associated with the AgendaX account).

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