Why AgendaX stands out

Why AgendaX stands out

Why do you think AgendaX is better than its competitors?

The main points where our software stands out are the following:

  • Very easy to use user interface, and therefore no training necessary
  • Customizable to reflect corporate identity and business needs
  • Complete support for all Outlook properties (Mileage, Billing, etc.) including user-defined Outlook fields
  • Optionally displays phone, fax, mobile, department, picture/photo etc. for each user
  • Allows meetings to be scheduled via the web interface without Outlook, with the option to restrict bookings to free time only, make location a required field, etc.
  • Easy-to-use administration page simplifies configuration
  • Rationalize multiple sites and time-zones
  • AgendaX reporting can also be used by business and HR managers within your organization to report on activities, chargeable days, sick days etc.
  • Flexible security models
  • You can chose which mailbox calendars are shown with AgendaX. Test mailboxes or administrative mailboxes (e.g. Administrator) do not count as licenses and are therefore not charged.
  • Licenses can be added to the base license at any time and for any number of mailboxes (minimum 10). No need to buy packages of 50 if you really just need 12 additional licenses.
  • The increased visibility and usability AgendaX gives to the contents of the Outlook calendars will encourage more active and accurate use of this facility.

These are just a few of the many points which make AgendaX one of the best-selling group calendaring solutions available today on the market.

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