How easy is it to configure AgendaX?

How easy is it to configure AgendaX?

AgendaX provides a web-based configuration interface that allows easy setup of all AgendaX features. AgendaX views can be easily customized to match corporate identity and business requirements. The supplied icons and colors used to represent various activities can be changed to suit your needs.

The AgendaX administration page is used to configure the most common AgendaX settings. Only a closed user group of administrators can access it. The page is divided into the following sections:

  • Global settings are settings that affect all views (e.g. time format, language, etc.)
  • The display settings affect how the views are displayed (which colors to use, how many days to display, etc.)
  • The feature settings allow you to enable / disable various AgendaX features.
  • View settings let you determine which views are available and configure various aspects of those views.
  • With Categories you can define which Outlook categories are highlighted in the overviews.
  • Additional settings allows you to configure other, less common AgendaX settings.

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