Can meetings be booked in AgendaX?

Can meetings be booked in AgendaX?

Yes, if configured, all or selected users can make bookings via AgendaX without having to return to the Outlook calendar.

Standard booking templates can be created as needed, pre-filled with start/end times, topics, categories, all-day events, etc., making it quicker and easier for the end user to complete his or her booking.

If configured as an option, all or selected users can also change existing meetings.

It's also possible to:

  • enable selected employees to book meetings on behalf of others (delegate), e.g. to show to others that a person is off sick.
  • enable bookings where the organizer does not take part in the meeting as an attendee (e.g. a personal assistant that books meetings for his / her supervisor)

All bookings are automatically synchronized with the Outlook calendar. A log of all bookings recorded via AgendaX is kept.

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