How does licensing work in AgendaX?

How does licensing work in AgendaX?

AgendaX licensing is based on the number of mailbox calendars that you display in the AgendaX Web interface. You can freely choose which mailboxes in your company you would like to display and which not. The total number of displayed mailboxes is the number of licenses you require. The AgendaX license is a onetime fee and includes patches and updates within the current version, as well as Standard e-mail support during the first 90 days. Additional Support options are available.

Does my Support option include updates to the next (major) version?

Only the Software Assurance contract includes free updates to major version updates. All other Support options include updates within the licensed version.

Can I purchase Software Assurance now and then upgrade to the next version for free?

No, you can only purchase a Software Assurance contract during the first 30 days after a license purchase or while purchasing a regular update.

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